Wednesday, 18 October 2017

You Cannot Take Chances with Packaging of Dangerous Goods for shipments!

You know very well Packing is in integral part, when goods are transported by air, sea and road transports. Especially when your consignment contains dangerous Cargo, such as Petroleum highly-inflammable Gas, Lithium and Lead Acid Batteries, Petroleum oils, Radioactive sources and substances, Lab Chemicals, Paints, Pesticides and Pharmaceuticals etc., you can never take chances in packing them well and safely, according to norms stipulated by International Standards.

You are to entrust the Special Packaging of the above Cargo to safe and deft hands, who are well-versed with the International Rules and Regulations, for Dangerous Goods Packaging. But no worries – here is Al Falaah DG Packing and Forwarding LLP ( the UN Certified Packaging Services Company.

The specialty is you can just contact them and entrust the transportation of your Dangerous Goods, in its entirety and relax happily. From then on, Al Falaah expert professionals will take complete care of your Cargo, and do the needful right from giving you appropriate consultation about Dangerous Goods packing them safely, to undertaking the full responsibility of supplying the packaging products and getting the Cargo transported by air or sea, as you require. 

They can handle Port to Port transportation anywhere in the world, as well Door to Door delivery of samples etc. if there is need. You just see their credentials and Services offered:
This is an ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company for Quality of Service, along with UN/IIP Certificate. You can get UN Certified Fiber Board Box; UN Certified MS Drums; DGR Logistics; Radioactive Forwarding; Dangerous Goods Packing; UN Certified Drums and Jerrycanes etc.

For transporting Dangerous and Hazardous goods, the above qualifications are essential. Otherwise there is ample chance for your Cargo being prohibited, or even confiscated for violation of the International Procedures for transportation of such hazardous materials, without UN Certified Packaging. It will be deemed as a Criminal Offence too. 

Why take such a risk, when a UN Certified Professional Service like Al Falaah DG Packing and Forwarding LLP is ready to serve you – and at an most affordable cost.

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